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Funding Societies: Grow Your Business without Breaking the Bank

Blog Article | Funding Societies: Grow Your Business without Breaking the Bank

CLIENT: Funding Societies THE WORK: Blog Article FUNDING SOCIETIES: GROW YOUR BUSINESS WITHOUT BREAKING THE BANK Do you know that 99% of businesses in Singapore are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)? They employ 7 out of every 10 workers and contribute over 50% towards the National GDP. Yet only 1 in 20 SMEs gets bank financing. Why? […]

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Veritrans Website Copy (Career)

CLIENT: Veritrans / PT. Midtrans THE WORK: Website Copy (Career) CAREER GROW WITH US We are a leading technology company looking for brilliant, motivated individuals who want to accomplish big things. Our product reflects our culture. Everyday, we enable nationwide clients and customers to enjoy a seamless experience through our dedicated service. Ever fine-tuning […]

Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa Concert Program Copy

Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa Concert Program Copy

CLIENT: Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa (YCAB) THE WORK: Concert Program Copy YCAB ( is a foundation focused on youth development. At YCAB, we believe that inherent in our vision of youth development is the idea of economic independence. We empower youth to be independent through educational provision, economic assistance, and welfare creation for a better and sustainable […]

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Mitra Artha Company Profile (English x Indonesian)

CLIENT: Mitra Artha THE WORK: Company Profile (English x Indonesian) Mitra Artha is a growing private sector bank in Indonesia organized and incorporated in accordance with the provisions of the Banking Act of the Republic of Indonesia for the purposes of delivering a much-needed specialized banking service to rural communities all over Indonesia. [English Copy] Our […]

Colby's Farm: Enjoy Milk The Nut(s) Way!

Colby’s Farm: Enjoy Milk The Nut(s) Way!

CLIENT: Colby’s Farm THE WORK: Product Advertorial Colby’s Farm is a new startup based in Jakarta specializing in homemade 100% organic nut milk (Almond, Cashew, Black Bean). Flavors include Original (unsweetened), Vanilla, Chocolate, and Matcha (green tea). All lovers of milk, (including you poor lactose-intolerant folks), take heed! The ingredients of Colby’s Farm milk are basic and […] Advertorial Advertorial

CLIENT: THE WORK: Product Advertorial Always on the lookout for new dining spots? Don’t want to wait in line for hours to be served? Head to to reserve your next meal! Makanluar allows you to explore favorite and new restaurants within Jakarta (and soon, Bali), browse their menus, get a feel for their atmosphere, before taking […]

MedicTrust Company Profile

MedicTrust E-Brochure Copy (English x Indonesian)

CLIENT: MedicTrust THE WORK: E-Brochure Copy MedicTrust ( is Indonesia’s trusted personalized online health management platform for storing, managing, and monitoring a personal health record. Designed to empower you to manage your own health, MedicTrust enables you to get organized, track and assess your health, make the most of doctor visits, and maintain a sustainable and […]