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MedicTrust Company Profile (English x Indonesian)

MedicTrust Company Profile

CLIENT: MedicTrust
THE WORK: Company Profile (English x Indonesian)

MedicTrust ( is Indonesia’s trusted personalized online health management platform for storing, managing, and monitoring a personal health record. Designed to empower you to manage your own health, MedicTrust enables you to get organized, track and assess your health, make the most of doctor visits, and maintain a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

[English Copy]

Why MedicTrust?
MedicTrust is a one-stop personalized online health management platform for managing, storing, and monitoring your medical journey. Our tools are designed to empower you to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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We know you like to stay on top of things, for your and your family’s sake. And we’re here to help you do just that! With MedicTrust, you can easily manage everyday routines including dietary intake, vitamins, and supplements, and at the same time keep track of any prescriptions, medical conditions or emergencies that may need special attention. Our personalized tools are convenient, secure, and easy-to-use. No more digging through piles of messy papers or torn up prescriptions at home (or worse, in a dumpster). Your medical records will finally be clutter-free!

MedicTrust tools enable you to conveniently store, manage, and access your health records online from anywhere in the world, at almost no cost.

Security & Privacy
MedicTrust enables you to privately and securely share your health records with your trusted medical providers.

The MedicTrust community enables members to share questions, knowledge, and experiences to educate and inspire towards a healthier and more fulfilled lifestyle.

Core Values
Our core values reflect what is truly important to us as an organization and serve as a compass for how work with our partners, support our communities, and most importantly, take care of you.

[Indonesian Copy]

Layanan Kami
Kami percaya bahwa rekam medis Anda mempengaruhi kehidupan Anda secara mendalam, dimulai dari pola makan, kebutuhan gizi, dan asupan vitamin, serta kebutuhan vaksinasi, kondisi medis, dan prosedur medis Anda lainnya. MedicTrust menyediakan bagi Anda alat manajemen kesehatan personalisasi yang aman, mudah digunakan, dan yang paling penting, memberdayakan hidup Anda.

(Alternatif untuk web)
Kapan terakhir kali saya melakukan tes darah? Kapan saya harus membawa anak saya ke vaksinasi berikutnya? Bagaimana cara mencatat semua alergi pasangan saya? Dengan MedicTrust, Anda akan dapat menjawab pertanyaan- pertanyaan ini, dan banyak pertanyaan lain lagi. Kami mengerti kebutuhan medis Anda dan kami siap untuk membantu.

Alat MedicTrust dapat membantu dokter Anda memahami kondisi Anda secara keseluruhan, dan memastikan diagnosis dan pengobatan yang lebih efisien dan akurat.

MedicTrust dilengkapi dengan alat analisis inovatif, diagnostik, dan canggih, sebuah sarana yang berharga untuk memahami kondisi dan menentukan tindakan medis yang tepat.

Sebagai sebuah platform manajemen kesehatan online terpercaya, MedicTrust dirancang untuk meningkatkan gaya hidup Anda dan memberdaya Anda untuk mengelola kesehatan diri Anda.

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