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Nouvelle’s Valentine Soirée Advertorial

Nouvelle's Valentine Soirée Advertorial

CLIENT: Nouvelle Restaurant & Lounge
THE WORK: Event Advertorial

Valentine’s Day—the most romantic day of the year (we’ve heard). Perhaps you’re picking this day to do something grand and unconventional, or you’ve decided on something simple that won’t require a parachute or oxygen tank. Regardless of how and with whom you decide to spend the day, make sure it involves something scrumptious traveling through your palate!

With a passion for quality and artistic food, Chefs Francis and Shane are bringing in something special on this occasion. Using a variety of ingredients that uniquely represent the marvelous marriage between Japanese and French cuisines, the chefs also wanted to incorporate unique ingredients such as chili, pomegranate, chocolate, etc. that are known to have aphrodisiac properties.

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