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Our relationship with our clients means a great deal and we want to be open and transparent with you. Therefore we feel it is important to have clarification of our terms and conditions from the outset. Commissioning work from us deems acceptance of these terms and conditions, which take precedence over any other terms and conditions, express or implied, that the client may follow as general practice.

1. Area of Application
These Terms and Conditions are binding for all services rendered by Chléa Consulting for its Clients and supersede all prior oral and written contracts, agreements, statements and arrangements which may have existed between both parties. These Terms and Conditions are effective with the Client’s acceptance of the price quote supplied by Chléa Consulting and the placement of the Client’s order. The Terms and Conditions may only be altered in written form with the mutual agreement of Chléa Consulting and the Client. The Client’s Terms and Conditions do not apply unless they are expressly acknowledged in written form as applicable by Chléa Consulting.

2. Scope of Services
Translation, proofreading, editing, copywriting, and consulting services will be rendered with due care and professionalism. The Client will receive the ordered documents in accordance with the specifications of the accepted quote.

3. Confirmation of Agreement
A job is confirmed when the Consultant receives the signed copy of the Proposal from the Client and the payment has been made. If there are changes to any aspect of the work (different from what is stated above), the Client is responsible for informing the Consultant as soon as these become apparent, and the necessary changes will be made to the document for accuracy. Likewise, if the work the Consultant receives is different from what is stated above, the Client will be immediately informed.

4. Services and Deadlines
The Client will receive a professional service by the agreed timeline. If there are unavoidable reasons that the Consultant is unable to make the timeline, the Client will be informed as soon as these become apparent. Equally, the Consultant expects the Client to provide all the information required for completing the work in sufficient time.

5. Payment
Generally services are billed upon job completion, but the Consultant reserves the right to request partial or full payment in advance, particularly from new clients. The project will commence when the signed copy of the Proposal and deposit are received by the Consultant. All payments are to be made by bank transfer.

The Client will be billed additionally for any of the following supplementary services: the Consultant is requested to make changes to a text following delivery because of the Client’s preferences in terms of style and vocabulary, but only when such change requests do not arise from clear errors; and additional consultation with the Consultant requested to discuss the work.

6. Cancellation
If a project is cancelled after the signing of the Proposal but before the services have commenced, the Client’s deposit will be forfeited. If it is cancelled after the services have been partially or fully performed, the agreed fee will be payable in full.

7. Errors and Literals
The Consultant will do their utmost to ensure that all materials supplied to the Client are free of literal and spelling errors. However, once the Client accepts a piece of work, the Client agrees that they are responsible for final proofreading, and indemnify the Consultant against any costs arising from the appearance of such errors in any printed or published form.

8. Completion Criteria
The Consultant shall have fulfilled their obligations when the following occurs: the Consultant accomplishes the Consultant activities described within the Proposal, including delivery of service to the Client, and the Client accepts such activities and materials without unreasonable objections. No response from the Client within 3-business days of deliverables being delivered by the Consultant is deemed acceptance.

9. Final Product
The Consultant is not responsible for future changes, additions, subtractions, or potential errors made by Client, either by mistake or choice, in part or full, within the agreed work once the Consultant has completed and submitted the work accepted by the Client. In some cases, the Consultant has been commissioned to write parts of a whole (for instance one or two pages of a website) and in that case, the Consultant is responsible only for those particular parts of the work and the product (the entire website) not written by the Consultant shall not be a reflection of the Consultant’s work.

10. Ownership of Final Product
Once the Client has paid in full for a piece of work they have commissioned from the Consultant, the copyright for this work will pass to the Client. However, the Consultant reserves the right to use samples of this work in any capacity of their services. Should there be any mention of copywriting credit on the Client’s website or other media, the Client agrees to acknowledge the Consultant’s writing credit by publishing the Consultant’s name and company name in all copies written and submitted by the Consultant.



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